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Our Areas of Expertise

Explore our diverse legal prowess, ranging from litigation and corporate practice to property law and notary public services, ensuring comprehensive support for all your legal needs.


The firm undertakes and handles its briefs with the seriousness it deserves. This has paid off based on the increasing number of suits that the firm has successfully concluded in courts to the benefit, admiration and appreciation of our clients. This has in no small measure increased the number of briefs being brought to the firm by other clients.

Because of the high premium that the firm places on the successful conclusion of its briefs, lawyers in the firm hold regular meetings to review their cases in courts.

The Firm’s approach is to take a professional look at all cases brought before it, holds pre-trial meetings with its clients and witnesses and thereafter advises its clients accordingly before approaching the courts.

The Firm focuses on helping clients to manage risk in all areas of their businesses. We are skilled in resolving disputes whether by way of litigation, mediation, arbitration or expert determination.

Key area of strength in our litigation practice are contractual disputes, receiverships, insolvency and corporate restructuring claims, professional negligence, intellectual property, competition, real estate particularly in construction and engineering issues, financial fraud, debt recovery, expropriation, insurance claims, tax matters, employment, libel, product liability, class action matters, immigration, multiparty litigation, probate matters, trusts, transport, specifically in areas of aviation, admiralty and maritime. We also offer support to all other practice groups within the firm.

Our litigation group represents corporations, partnerships, banks and individual entrepreneurs in commercial, financial and business litigation of all types.

Corporate Practice

The firm is an accredited body with the Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja. All the lawyers in the firm are equally individually accredited with the Corporate Affairs Commission. The firm carries on all manner of corporate works for its clients at the Corporate Affairs Commission, ranging from trade marks and patents registration, to handling technical issues at the Securities and Exchange Commission where the firm is equally an accredited capital market operator and consultant.

The Firm has a deep understanding of the dynamics of the Nigerian Capital Market, which makes it a firm of choice in the industry. The firm has an impressive client portfolio and the lawyers in this practice group have acted for a range of clients including global financial institutions, commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, brokerage and investment companies and other financial institutions on debt and equity transactions.

Our experience spans a broad range of transactions ranging from initial public offerings, rights issues, investment funds, private placements, custodial arrangements and derivative transactions. The firm has advised on ground-breaking transactions in the Nigerian Capital Market.

The firm continues to be very active in representing clients in respect of Capital Market related disputes at all levels of the judicial hierarchy.
The firm is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Our business re-organization and insolvency group combines expertise in commercial and financial services law to provide effective solutions and advise in all business re-organization and insolvency situations.

The firm provides business advice to companies and corporate shareholders in all aspects of insolvency law, including schemes of arrangement, restructuring and re-organization, either as part of new investments, or resulting from corporate receiverships and liquidations. We represent clients in out-of court workouts, debt restructurings, acquisitions, and liquidations.

The firm regularly represents a wide variety of parties including creditors, debtors, trustees, receivers, landlords, buyers, sellers, equity holders and bondholders. The briefs that the firm undertakes on behalf of its clients at the Corporate Affairs Commission range from Pre-incorporation to Post incorporation services.

The Pre-incorporation services include, the preparation of incorporation documents, filing same on behalf of clients and following up same to get such companies, business names, partnership, incorporated trustees and/or association under parts “A”, “B” and “C” respectively of the Companies and Allied Matters Act registered.

Our Post incorporation assignments include obtaining of certified copies of filed documents, conducting legal searches, paying and filing of annual returns, processing and filing of documents of increase in the share capital of companies, change of company and of business names, filing documents, resolutions etc. for change or alteration of company directors and/or shareholders, alteration of memorandum of articles of association and other forms of transactions carried out at the Corporate Affairs Commission.

At the Trademark and Patent registration office, the firm undertakes the registration of trademarks, patents, designs, logos, get-up e.t.c. on behalf of its clients. It also carries out a wide range of capital market operations for its clients at the Security and Exchange Commission. The firm when required by its clients may attend management and or any other meeting with or on behalf of its client especially where the discussions therein may require its immediate legal opinion before resolutions could be reached.

Property Law Practice, Conveyance and Property Management

The firm assists its numerous clients in the acquisition and disposition of their real estate.

Whenever the firm is assisting any of its clients to acquire real estate, it carries out comprehensive searches on the
prospective property to ensure the veracity of the title and verify the authenticity of the titleholder. This is also done to
ensure that the title is genuine, is not revoked and is free from encumbrances like un-discharged mortgage, charges etc.
The firm subsequently forwards its reports to its clients wherein it advise such client on the suitability or otherwise of such
property for acquisition.

If the property is to be acquired, the Firm prepares the necessary instruments to wit – Deeds of Assignment, Powers of Attorney, Sale Agreement, Sublease Agreement etc as may be required. When such property is finally acquired, the firm
also registers the interest of the client at the land registry and ensures that adequate and effective documentation is done to secure the client’s interest.

These are in the form of registration of Deeds of Assignment, Powers of Attorney, Mortgages etc. this is done such that if the client eventually decides to dispose off such property, it will be found to have been duly registered in favour of such clients.

The firm’s land registry transactions extend to applying on its clients behalf for certified true copies of land documents where required. The firm also applies for and processes change of land purpose clauses for its clients. It also applies for and processes on its client’s behalf applications for sub-division or partitioning of a plot land into two or several plots of land with separate title documents.

General Solicitors Work
The firm also renders all forms of solicitor services to its clients. Such could be in the form of writing demand or warning
letters, issuing notices, preparing various forms of legal instruments etc.

Notary Public

The hard work, diligence and dedication to the ethics of the legal profession earned the firm the honour of having its principal, Obinna K. Ajoku, SAN and Ndubuisi Augustine N. Esq. conferred Notary Public by the Chief Justice of Nigeria.
Today the firm is one of the few law firms in the Federal Capital Territory with the legal authority to notarize documents and other instruments. Such notarized documents are accorded recognition and credibility worldwide.

Funds and Assets Recovery

Our firm is also well known and has carved a niche for itself in the area of Funds and Assets Recovery. In the recent past we have recovered sums running into Hundreds of Millions of Naira for First Generation Mortgage Bank and many other clients.

The Firm is one of the leading firms in Abuja’s banking and financial transaction work. The quality of our people, the breadth of our client base and our geographical spread has ensured our involvement in major financing transaction in the FCT.

Clients recognize our expertise in transaction management and trust in our ability to provide that crucial legal and regulatory support needed to consummate their transactions.

We are regularly consulted on corporate/project finance matters for projects in the oil, gas, telecommunications, manufacturing and aviation sectors. We advise on financing structure, subordination and credit issues, tax aspects of transactions and regulatory approvals/compliance issues.

We assist our clients on such issues as investment and divestment, foreign exchange remittance and restrictions, recording and disclosure requirements, taking effective security whilst minimizing costs, and insolvency.

We represent lenders and borrowers including leading international financial/lending institutions, brokerage and investment
companies and other financial institutions.