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Property Law Practice

Property Law Practice, Conveyance and Property Management

The firm assists its numerous clients in the acquisition and disposition of their real estate.

Whenever the firm is assisting any of its clients to acquire real estate, it carries out comprehensive searches on the prospective property to ensure the veracity of the title and verify the authenticity of the titleholder. This is also done to ensure that the title is genuine, is not revoked and is free from encumbrances like un-discharged mortgage, charges etc. The firm subsequently forwards its reports to its clients wherein it advise such client on the suitability or otherwise of such property for acquisition.

If the property is to be acquired, the Firm prepares the necessary instruments to wit – Deeds of Assignment, Powers of Attorney, Sale Agreement, Sublease Agreement etc as may be required. When such property is finally acquired, the firm also registers the interest of the client at the land registry and ensures that adequate and effective documentation is done to secure the client’s interest.

These are in the form of registration of Deeds of Assignment, Powers of Attorney, Mortgages etc. this is done such that if the client eventually decides to dispose off such property, it will be found to have been duly registered in favour of such clients.

The firm’s land registry transactions extend to applying on its clients behalf for certified true copies of land documents where required. The firm also applies for and processes change of land purpose clauses for its clients. It also applies for and processes on its client’s behalf applications for sub-division or partitioning of a plot land into two or several plots of land with separate title documents.