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The firm undertakes and handles its briefs with the seriousness it deserves. This has paid off based on the increasing numbers of suits that the firm has successfully concluded in courts to the benefit, admiration and appreciation of our clients. This has in no small measure increased the number of briefs being brought to the firm by other clients.

Because of the high premium that the firm places on the successful conclusion of its briefs, lawyers in the firm hold regular meetings to review their cases in courts.

The Firm’s approach is to take a professional look at all cases brought before it, holds pre-trial meetings with its clients and witnesses and thereafter advises its clients accordingly before approaching the courts.

The Firm focuses on helping clients to manage risk in all areas of their businesses. We are skilled in resolving disputes whether by way of litigation, mediation, arbitration or expert determination.

Keys areas of strength in our litigation practice are contractual disputes, receiverships, insolvency and corporate restructuring claims, professional negligence, intellectual property, competition, real estate particularly in construction and engineering issues, financial fraud, debt recovery, expropriation, insurance claims, tax matters, employment, libel, product liability, class action matters, immigration, multiparty litigation, probate matters, trusts, transport, specifically in areas of aviation, admiralty and maritime. We also offer support to all other practice groups within the firm.

Our litigation group represents corporations, partnerships, banks and individual entrepreneurs in commercial, financial and business litigation of all types.