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Funds and Assets Recovery

Our firm is also well known and has carved a niche for itself in the area of Funds and Assets Recovery. In the recent past we have recovered sums running into Hundreds of Millions of Naira for First Generation Mortgage Bank. We also recovered debts for Keystone Bank. The Firm is one of the leading firms in Abuja’s banking and financial transaction work. The quality of our people, the breadth of our client base and our geographical spread has ensured our involvement in major financing transaction in the FCT.

Clients recognize our expertise in transaction management and trust in our ability to provide that crucial legal and regulatory support needed to consummate their transactions

We are regularly consulted on corporate/project finance matters for projects in the oil, gas, telecommunications, manufacturing and aviation sectors. We advise on financing structure, subordination and credit issues, tax aspects of transactions and regulatory approvals/compliance issues.

We assist our clients on such issues as investment and divestment, foreign exchange remittance and restrictions, recording and disclosure requirements, taking effective security whilst minimizing costs, and insolvency. We represent lenders and borrowers including leading international financial/lending institutions, brokerage and investment companies and other financial institutions.